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Welcome to the Mad Hatters party!


We hold an annual event at the Marriott Hotel in Portsmouth, and we have a hard-working team of volunteers who help make these events happen for the benefit of children with cancer and other serious illnesses.

We do not publish the date of the party in advance in case anyone comes along without an invitation as the event is always at capacity and we do not want to have to turn anyone away.

Our successful fundraising and generous supporters have enable us to provide gifts and equipment for children in hospital and special treats, gifts and visits or help with granting wishes for children with life limiting conditions.

Untitled-1The parties seem to get bigger and better each year and the photos from the last few parties are now in the gallery, to check them out you will need to register if you haven't already done so, if you have then log in. You'll then see a button labelled "Hatters Gallery" in the left-hand column. There is also lots about the parties on the Portsmouth News website and you can use our links to find all of their articles.

Please have a look around the site for all of the background information, and if you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Photos and videos from our previous events are in the gallery. You are welcome to send any of your own photos in so we can include them, and don't hesitate to let us know if you would like any removed.


Roy Cook

11709648826 a64b5c6ce7 mSeptember 2014 - It is with great sadness we record the sad passing of Roy Cook who was one of our biggest helpers.

Roy attended every year and dressed up as a Tinman, a Scarecrow and unforgettably as Donald Duck he never stopped dancing. His smile and enthusiasm will be sadly missed and unreplaceable, and our thoughts and best wishes are with his family and friends.

Our parties will not be the same without him.

Our Work and Website

DreamflightWe work hard to ensure that the funds we raise are used to the benefit of those children the party was always meant to help... and we were able to cover the cost of a trip to Disneyworld Florida on Dreamflight for Curtis.

hatter2When using our site, please register by first clicking on the "Login" link in the Main Menu on the left. and then the "Register" link at the foot of that page. Our privacy statement is simple. We don't share your email address with anyone - ever! Once you've registered, login and you'll find the User Menu on the left has appeared and has extra items in it including the photo gallery link! On that subject, if you come across any picture that's on the site that you would prefer to have removed - make a note of the photo's reference and email me. I'll remove it immediately.

There are LOTS of people who have given very freely of their time and energy at the parties, and we would like to thank a few in the Hatter' Helpers  section. We would appreciate any comments you may have, and you are welcome to send any pictures you would like to add, you can always e-mail us through the contact us page.

Party videos Mad Hatters Party 2018 Mad Hatters Party 2017 Mad Hatters Party 2016 Mad Hatters Party 2015 Mad Hatters Party 2014 Mad Hatters Party 2013 Mad Hatters Party 2012 Mad Hatters Party 2011 Mad Hatters Party 2010 Mad Hatters Party 2009

We are extremely grateful to Carl Dearing of one2watchmedia.com for producing these incredible videos of the recent parties. Thanks Carl!

Party videos Mad Hatters party 2017 Mad Hatters party 2016 Mad Hatters party 2015 Mad Hatters party 2014 Mad Hatters party 2013 Mad Hatters party 2012 Mad Hatters party 2011 Mad Hatters party 2010 Mad Hatters party 2009

We are extremely grateful to Carl Dearing of one2watchmedia.com for producing these incredible videos of the recent parties. Thanks Carl!